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Welcome Online Building Plan Approval System

The Online Building Plan Approval System (OBPAS) has been envisaged by the Department of Urban Development & Municipal Affairs, Government of West Bengal to utilize the benefits of Information Technology to have a Single Window System (SWS) for various processes involved in issuance of construction permits of buildings as per the requirements of SBRAP & DBRAP 2020-21 for compliance under Ease-of-Doing-Business (EODB) in order to improve the Accountability, Transparency & Effectiveness in Government administration.

OBPAS is a unique of its kind and it is a statewide integrated “Anytime, Anywhere” cloud- based online system which provides the citizens digitally enabled automated approvals for buildings and site plans for Residential, Commercial,Industrial, Institutional and Educational purposes to achieve an orderly development of the cities & towns.

Any citizen desirous of undertaking a construction activity (new/modifications) in any municipal area is required to obtain prior written permission from the concerned Municipal authority . Licensed Engineers/Architects empanelled with the Municipal bodies are authorized for applying for Building/layout permissions and occupancy certificate. OBPAS integrates the critical processes such as electronic submission of applications, auto- scrutiny of architectural drawings , online payments for providing automated approvals to citizens.

Applicants are continuously notified with SMS/email alerts vis-à-vis their application status.

ONLINE APPLICATION: Applicants can fill and submit the application online with required documents

SIMPLIED PROCESS: Applicants can obtain NOC from all the line departments using single Common Application Form

SAFE & SECURE: All transactions made on the website are encrypted and hence secure

3-STEP PROCESS: Applicants can obtain permissions in 3 easy steps- applying, uploading and paying

USER FRIENDLY: Applicants can access services through Internet

The services delivered to the citizen’s would be as follows.

1. Citizen registration

2. Provision to initate an application

3. Provision of Online Search and Application Tracking after login

4. Online submission of building construction proposal (New) / including re-submissions for corrected building drawings and/or any missing documents for issue of construction permits. Hence submission of application for Site Plan Sanction, Building Plan Sanction,Temporary Water connection approval, or a combination thereof

5. Provision for Building Permit Renewal and Revalidation

6. Provision for Alteration and Extension of Building

7. E-intimation of commencement of construction

8. E-intimation of plinth level construction

9. Online common completion request form cum occupancy certificate application (Full / Partial / Block) with online payment

10. Online Submission of Application for Permanent Water Connection & Sewer and/or Drain Connection

11. Online issuance of digitally signed Site Plan, Building Permit (Approval /Refusal), Completion Certificate for Construction upto Plinth Level (Approval / Refusal), Occupancy Certificate (Full / Partial / Blockwise), Permanent Water Connection & Sewer and/or Drain Connection. Online issuance of applicable NOC

12. Intimation of finalised fees for online payment is sent on the Applicant SMS and Email

13. Online issuance of Stacking Permit

14. Intimation of Application Status is sent on the Applicant SMS and Email

15. 3rd Party Verification

The services delivered to the consultant would be as follows.

1. Empanelled Consultant Registration and Renewal on the Portal

2. Intimation of username / password validity expiry

3. Intimation of License validity expiry

4. Submission /Resubmission of Application from the application initiated by the Applicant

5. All the services delivered to the Citizen above.

As a major initiative, Department of Urban Development & Municipal Affairs, Government of West Bengal has launched the Single Window System for online Building Plan Approval System (OBPAS) which allows for online application for Building Plan approval and is a complete online system. All the officers concerned have access to the portal and provide stage wise approval in the portal itself. As a major milestone, OBPAS covers all the 123 Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) & Nabadiganta Industrial Township Authority (NDITA) except Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) and Howrah Municipal Corporation (HMC) which enables it to address the need of online service for availing construction permits, occupancy certificates across the state. These 123 ULBs include 118 nos Municipalities & 5 nos Municipal Corporations. Multiple factors have been considered in shaping this application to fulfill the requirements of experts like LBS, Architects, Civil Engineers, Geo-Technical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Structural Reviewers, Town Planners, Municipal Engineering Department, ULB officials and West Bengal Municipal Building Rules to provide hassle-free service to the citizens. The key focus of OBPAS system is transparency, time-bound availability of services, audit of construction quality & structural safety, demand supply driven market to practitioners, and error free online approval. The ultimate objective is to arm the Government with IT enabled systems to assist them in carrying out their day-to-day functions to help deliver G2C, G2G, G2B and G2E services. The system would provide integration of external authorities (State Government & other than State Government) with implementation of different reforms points under SBRAP and DBRAP 2020-21 in EoDB for Department of Urban Development & Municipal Affairs, Government of West Bengal.

The following Services would be covered under the Single Window System Online Application for Building Permit with all the scenarios like making a Fresh Application, Alteration, Extension, Renewal and Revalidation.